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Princess Kate's Favorite Accessory — Nude Pantyhose!


There’s no doubt that in her nearly six years as a royal, Princess Kate has risen to fashion icon status. She has made several looks her signature: brightly colored coats (belted at the waist),striped shirts paired with navy blazers and wrap dresses with L.K. Bennett heels.

But even icons make questionable style choices, and for Kate, that choice is nude tights — or pantyhose, as your grandmother calls them. Of course, this is likely less a faux pas than a royal mandate, but yes, Kate has been loyal to the flesh-colored leg covering throughout her marriage, even if much of the fashion world views them as dated and dowdy.

Kate with fellow nude hose wearers Sophie, Countess of Wessex and Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall.But if anyone can make a fashion don’t a do, it’s Kate. Her late mother-in-law, Princess Diana, wore them, too, and as we know, the People’s Princess had no trouble making any and every garment look chic.

The shimmery leg look that only nude tights provide.Although they have yet to make a major comeback, we’ve been rooting for one.

Bottom line: Unless you have “Her Royal Highness” proceeding your name, nude pantyhose likely won’t land you on any best dressed lists. But also, no one is really paying close attention, and black gets boring — so go for it.

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